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The English-language edition of »Internationales Verkehrswesen«

Established in 2015, »International Transportation« is the worldwide distributed English-language edition of »Internationales Verkehrswesen«. With its editorial board of renowned scientists and an advisory board of professors, directors, CEOs and other managers from all areas of the transport industry the magazine is one of the leading European transport journals for both academic research and practical application.

Themes and articles are integrated in the German-language issues of »Internationales Verkehrswesen« and consolidated in an annual e-journal – the »International Transportation | eCollection«. The publication should stimulate a worldwide interdisciplinary discussion of the challenges currently facing transport and logistics. It brings together practical and professional views and different perspectives presented by authors from business and industry, science and politics. These articles will be complemented by interviews, commentaries, surveys and analyses.

»International Transportation« is targeted at planners and decision makers in municipalities, communities, public authorities and other institutions, municipal and commercial transport providers, planning groups, engineers, scientists and students worldwide.

The annual subscription includes access to the archives reaching back to the very first issue in 1949.